Day 144: I Don’t Want to Do This: Imagination Dimension (Part 2)

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We’re now continuing with the Imagination Dimension, of the ‘I Don’t Want to Do This’ Character, through which I’ve sabotaged myself from living here in/as real self expression, by allowing myself to ‘give in to temptation’ in my mind, to follow the ‘positive’ as what is interpreted by/within my mind as ‘positive’ and thus I have a ‘positive experience’ toward, and to avoid that which ‘gives me’ a ‘negative’ experience. This is the point that is missed within the new age philosophy of ‘following your feelings’ where the principle is ‘if it makes you feel good, do it – if it makes you feel bad, avoid it’ – where it’s not questioned or considered where these positive/negative feelings even come from, but you’re to allow them to direct you and your living and the very choices you make in your life. It’s not considered what is the actual consequence/outflow of when we all live this way, in following the ‘good feelings’ and avoiding what ‘makes us feel bad’, where when we look at the world at large, it’s obvious that we’re avoiding our responsibilities and the problems we’re creating, because we have negative reactions to those things, and we busy ourselves with seeking out entertainment in various forms, as that’s what makes us feel good. And so the problems just grow and never get sorted out, as we cling more and more to what positive we can get, which is less and less because we’re allowing the world problems to grow and grow.

So, this is why I walk my Journey to Life, in sorting out exactly how/were/when/why I’ve allowed myself to be directed by feelings of positive and negative, in order to stop being controlled, so that I can direct myself to take responsibility to take care of what needs to be done here, and to actually be a self-willed individual that is not simply following feelings that come up within me, undirected and without even understanding where they come from or how they’re created, as that means that I’m literally just a slave to these feelings. And so it’s through writing out specifically, what are the feelings, when/where do they come up, what is the consequence/result if I participate in them/allow them to direct me, and what would I do differently if I’m not simply following energetic feelings, through this process of writing to get to know myself actually, as how can we really know ourself when we don’t even understand how our mind operate ort where our thoughts come from or how they’re created.

Thus, continuing with the Imagination Dimension, which is the Dimension through which I imagine scenarios in my mind, which in this case of the ‘I Don’t Want to Do This’ Character, are ‘positive’ in nature, where I imagine myself doing things other than doing my job/working, that I see as positive, which is according to memories from my childhood/past. I’m sure most people can relate to this, as so many are busy working in jobs that one doesn’t really want to do, but has to in order to make a living. This is the result of living in the Capitalist system, where the starting point of jobs/work/employment, is to make profits, not to actually provide real service to life, that will benefit life as all of humanity, nature and the animals which is our whole world and environment and home. And so, it’s not things that we would do, but have been trained to accept and really have no choice as one’s survival isn’t guaranteed, but has to be earned within the capitalist system, which doesn’t guarantee an effective income for everyone that participates in the system, as depending on the job you get, you might get enough to live or you might not, and this is accepted currently. And so we’ve created a very tough situation for ourselves, in which we’re able to be convinced to do jobs we’d rather not, because there’s really no choice, and it’s just for the sake of profit and not an actual benefit to humanity and life overall, and in fact, is leading to it’s destruction.

So, here some context in regards to why I am walking this process, and within that, why I’m specifically walking this point of Character/Personality toward working, to clear up my relationship toward the current system and how employment/working/jobs currently exist, in order that I can be most effective here, within the current situation we’ve created here on earth, as I realize that it is my relationship to/toward working that must firstly change and be sorted out within myself, before ‘work’ itself as the outer manifestation as jobs/employment in this world can change, since what’s manifested in this world is actually the reflection of who we are as the relationships we accept and allow within ourselves.

In the next post, we’ll continue with the Imagination Dimension of the ‘I Don’t Want to Do This’ Character, in relation to working/jobs/employment.

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