Day 138: The Copyright Scam: Commitment Statements


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In the previous post we walked Self Forgiveness in relation to the point of ‘Copyright’ in having a look at what we’ve accepted and allowed that such a thing as ‘copyright’ exists, and here we’re continuing with Commitment Statements, wherein we walk the commitment to corrective application to stop the consequences we’re manifesting in this reality.

I commit myself to see, realize and understand that the human does not actually require profit/making money as motivation to create or do things, and that in the current system the promise of profit/making money is used to motivate the human to do things they would not otherwise do, in order to make money to survive. Within this, I commit myself to show everyone that would argue that the human requires profit/making money as motivation that this is not the case in fact, as it’s the fear of survival that motivates the human to commit all sorts of unspeakable acts, labor in the worst of conditions, take advantage of one’s fellow man, and rape and destroy the earth and the environment in which we live and depend on to exist, because they are not given the means with which to secure their survival which is Money, as some are given more and some are given less and some are given none and they Die.

I commit myself to question every aspect of the current economic system, within the starting point of that it should be system which functions to effectively support all of humanity, meaning that all should have a house, access to food, water, clothing, effective education and healthcare, and that if these things are not being provided effectively to every single being here, then something is very wrong with our system.

I commit myself to realize that ‘copyright’ exists as a way that one can ‘make it’ for themselves, and that within this it’s not even considered why one has to find a way to ‘make it’ and isn’t supported in the first place. Thus, I commit myself to see, realize and understand that our system should be functioning in such a way that one doesn’t have to ‘get lucky’ and find one of these few ways, which only a few humans will be actually have access to, to ‘make it’ in the system, and that that indicates a massive failure of our system to do what it is intended to do, which is to function as a life-support system for humanity and all life.

I commit myself to, when I see points within the system that seem like they benefit me as offering me the possibility to ‘make it’ in the system, to look and see if it is something that is able to be applied to everyone actually, cause if not then it is actually not a real benefit to life and myself as life, as it only serves a few while leaving everyone else out, and I might/could be one of those left out, and thus I commit myself to realize that there is no point to have a system which is only supporting some, when all require support equally, and it is actually in my best interest to ensure that no matter where I am that I am supported, as I would not want to be left out.

I commit myself to see, realize and understand that by supporting a concept/law like copyright, that I am actually supporting abuse, because I am supporting something that is not available to all and thus will only support those that have access to the opportunity while everyone else is left out, and thus I am responsible for those on the ‘losing side’ as I am supporting the very system which only includes some while leaving others out.

I commit myself to living the realization that we should have a system which is supporting everyone and all of life, as life should not be a strife, and we should not be enslaving anyone by withholding their very needs for survival, as no one would want to be in that position, and therefore I commit myself to supporting the Equal Money System, where the entire starting point principle of the system is to support all life equally, within the realization that no one should be left out, because you could be that someone, and thus by implementing a system based on equality, you give the gift to all that you want for yourself, and in that you have given it to yourself as well.

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