Day 155: I Don’t Want to Do This: Physical/Behavior Dimension (Part 5)

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Now we’ll continue from where we left off in the last post, with the Self Commitment Statements on the Physical/Behavior Dimensions.

Positive Dimensions Internal Changes Self Commitment Statements (continued):
I commit myself to assist and support myself to see, realize and understand that in that moment of facing a responsibility that if carried out will affect my world and future, that I am by accepting and allowing myself to in that moment manipulate my physical body in order to manipulate myself to follow the positive, actually making myself ‘feel good’ about avoiding my responsibility, and thus essentially making myself ‘feel good’ about sabotaging myself and my world/future and accepting self limitation.

And thus, I commit myself to establish myself here as the living word by through the application of writing, self forgiveness, and commitments statements to walk myself out of these positive/negative manipulation games that I play with myself, so that I can live as expression within moving and directing myself here to actually follow through with the task before me, so that I am the living directive principle of myself, no longer subjecting myself to self-manipulation through positive/negative energy experiences.

Negative & Positive Dimensions External Changes Self Commitment Statements:
I commit myself to I commit myself to developing effective communication with/as my physical to see what my physical is in fact showing me that I am participating in, through the physical conditions that I manifest in my physical as a result of my participation in the mind, as the result of giving power to the mind as Thought, Imagination, Backchat, Reactions and Energy-Experiences. Particularly where I experience the physical conditions of where I slouched down and sat further back in my chair to see that I have become the physical manifestation of the ‘depression’ I was participating in, and where I became very stiff where my movements were like ‘jagged’ to see that I was manifesting this behaviour as the result of my participation in the energy-experiences of ‘dread’ and ‘anxiety’.

I commit myself to see, realize and understand that when my physical behaviour suddenly changes, where I become the embodiment of dread, anxiety and depression, to where I slouch and my movements become stiff, that that this indicates that I am not yet effectively aware of the processes taking place within my mind and within my standing as the directive principle of myself, that I have thus allowed myself to get to this point of possession by/within this character/personality to the extent where I experience actual changes in my physical behaviour.

Thus, I commit myself to, when and as I have gotten to the point of possession to where my physical behaviour changes without my awareness/expectation, to become more specific in my application and awareness of myself and my participation in mind-energies, so that I can effectively stop participation before it gets to this point of physical possession, as by the time it gets to that point, I have made it ‘most difficult’ for myself to stand and stop participation, as I have activated the ‘full force’ of the combination of the Thought, Imagination, Backchat, Reactions, and all the energies activated by/within those dimensions.

Therefore, I commit myself to when and as I notice my physical behaviors changing to where I am moving stiffly and jaggedly, and where I am slouching down in my chair, when I am facing the point of working/doing my job, to realize/understand that I am in the process of manipulating myself with energies through the mind, and thus I immediately breathe, sit up straight and relax my body to relieve the stiffness and jerkiness, as I realize that if I accept and allow myself to give in to the mind possession, that I’m essentially giving up on myself in a moment where I have the opportunity to make a change and expand myself here, and that the solution to moving myself out of mind-created experiences of energy and into real practical living here, is to actually physically move myself to go through with the tasks/responsibilities I’m facing before me, as for example the responsibility of working/doing my job.

In the next post, we’ll walk the Fear Dimension of the I Don’t Want to Do This Character/Personality in relation to working/doing my job, through which we’ll take a look at why it is that I formed this character in the first place.

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