Day 140: 'I Don’t Want to Do This': Thought Dimension

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Day 139: The ‘I Don’t Want To Do This’ Character

Here in this post, we’re continuing from the previous post in now taking a look at the Thought Dimension of the ‘I Don’t Want to Do This’ Character, specifically in relation to work/working.

So what I see comes up within the Thought Dimension for this character is when the moment is approaching where I have to go out and work, or when the thought comes up about having to go to work at some point later on, there is an initial thought that pops up where I picture myself working and not enjoying it. More specifically, it is a previous memory of me working at my job of times where I did not enjoy it/had a ‘bad experience’, where for example, I am failing to meet the quota for my job or facing customers that aren’t responding positively to me for whatever reason, or I am uncomfortable while working because I can’t tend to my physical body as I’d like to because I must be focused on the job and the task at hand and the quota that I have to meet.

And all this ‘negative’ imagery is then contrasted by images that that pop up in my mind within the Imagination Dimension where I imagine experiences which I have a positive association to. So after the negative images come up, right after they’re followed by images of memories where I experienced myself positively, images that are basically the opposite of the ‘negative’ images that came up toward working. Where, the image will be for example of being at home where I am ‘comfortable’ and not having to face the possibility as the picture in my mind presented of experiencing myself negatively at work, where there is no ‘pressure’ to ‘fill a quota’/no quota that I might fail at meeting, and I can tend to my physical body as a need arise.

Other imagination scenarios/scenes that come up are positive memories from previous jobs, where then I experience myself as feeling tempted to go look for other jobs that’s more like what I’ve had in the past, and so this is a good example of how the mind always seeks to stay within what it already knows/has done before, in order to prevent self expansion by tempting ourselves with images and positive/negative energy-experiences so that we’ll avoid trying new/different things, or things that are ‘difficult’ compared to what we’ve done before, disregarding the fact the things that I’ve done before once were difficult as well at first, until I developed myself within the skills and then it was fine. So if one is constantly expanding oneself within trying new things and developing one’s skills, means that some ‘difficulty’ is to be expected as one is establishing oneself in a new skill.

So the point of those images from previous jobs is to tempt me to remain within what I can already do, and to not expand myself and my abilities further. And what’s interesting within this, is when I really take a look at how I experienced myself in previous jobs, there were ‘negative’ experiences within those jobs as well, but the mind is only bringing up the positive ones in the moment, where then it seems as if ‘man I really enjoyed myself in that job, I should just go back to doing that’ yet only selectively looking at the ‘good memories’/’good times’, yet if I ‘go back’ and look, this was really not the actual reality as how I experienced myself in that job all the time, and so I can see that these images/memories are being selectively brought up within my mind just for the purpose of manipulating myself out of an opportunity for expansion, and not based on the actual situation in reality.

Thus within the Thought Dimension, the mind create a negative experience toward what I am facing, which in this case is going to work, and then in the Imagination Dimension brings up the positive picture as temptation to do rather that which ‘makes me feel good’. And so, this is how I sabotage myself to not expand myself to walk into new situations and expand my skills and abilities, by accepting the initial Thought and negative experience, instead of realizing that it is just a THOUGHT in my MIND, and not real in fact, that I am just using to tempt myself to stay within ‘my comfort zone’, and so allowing myself to be directed by energy-experiences and follow the temptation of accepting limitation, instead of self-expansion to see what I am truly capable of accomplishing in this reality, in the context of how it exists, and the responsibility that is here to be taken, to do what it takes to clean up the mess of a world we’ve created here, as it’s not going to clear up by itself, because we’re creating it out of our acceptances and allowances, where we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to follow temptation of the mind to seek out and only do that which ‘makes us feel good’ and avoiding the responsibilities that we have here to be taken care of.

As, for example, ensuring that all life here is effectively supported and not allowing thousands to needlessly starve and suffer atrocious conditions, simply because we’re not taking responsibility to make sure we have a system, that is supporting everyone, and to stop accepting and allowing abuse to take place in this world, which is what the Equal Money System is here for, as the system that is based on the principle of supporting all Life, which is the sort of system we should always have had in place. And so, time to sort out our priorities and take care of Life, which is the same as taking care of ourselves as we’re all part of Life here.

In the next post we’ll continue with Self Forgiveness on the Thought Dimension of the ‘I Don’t Want to Do This’ Character.
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