Day 143: I Don’t Want to Do This: Imagination Dimension (Part 1)

This post is a continuation to:
Day 141: I Don’t Want to Do This: Thought Dimension (Part 2) 
Here we’re continuing with the I Don’t Want to Do This’ Character, in relation to work, in now taking a look at the Imagination Dimension.

So, once the initial Thought comes up, of me working and not enjoying, where within the mind a negative experience/feeling/reaction is linked to/toward the image of me working which is based on memories of past/previous experiences of working, then the Imagination Dimension will then activate. I notice this dimension activate quite quickly, which is equal to and one with my participation and acceptance of/within this character/personality, in terms of the mind taking it to whatever ‘level’ is required to get me to ‘cave in’ to become/live as this character/personality and have me and my living be redirected away from real living and application here in moving and applying myself to the fullest of my ability and in taking care of my responsibilities/obligations here, and into accepting and allowing self limitation and living only according to self interest as the wants/needs/desires of the mind, instead of according to/aligned with what is best for all.

Thus, within the Imagination Dimension, what comes up is imagining ‘positive’ scenarios/experiences that I ‘could be doing/having’ instead, so in order to convince me to go away from the point of self responsibility and self expansion, and to instead go and seek out the ‘positive’ experiences that I’m seeing in my mind, within this playing the ‘positive/negative’ game within my mind, all in order to control/direct my behaviour here in keeping me within the same patterns I’ve existed as, where in terms of working specifically, I would compromise myself within never really pushing myself to my fullest ability within a job, or would specifically seek out jobs that seemed like I would most likely experience myself ‘positively’ within, but only according to an idea of ‘positivity’ in my mind, which when really looked at, is actually based on the resistances I’ve formed toward certain things where I see them as ‘negative’, and thus what I am really always seeking is to avoid the experience I have within myself, and not the actual job/task/situation.

So, where instead of really giving it a go within a job, I have the Thought come up where I see myself working and not enjoying it based on how I’ve experienced myself in the past, and then, fearing to face that experience of myself as it’s presented as ‘negative’ within my mind, and having images/scenes of doing things that are connected to a ‘positive’ experience, thus being tempted to give in to the positive presentations within my imagination, within this not questioning or realizing that these thoughts and images in my mind are not actually real, and within this, that the experiences of positive/negative that I experience within myself, are within myself and not because of/due to the job/situation, but I am actually creating the experience of positive or negative as I’m the one participating in the experience.

The consequence of this pattern of acceptance and allowance, is that the more I participate in the thoughts/imagination, the more I give in to the ‘temptation’ of going for the positive, I will essentially walk myself out of jobs and opportunities where I could have really expanded myself and my abilities and positioning within the system, and thus compromising myself from really having an impact here in this world as a real participant, because I gave in to the mind’s influence through pictures and energy-experiences and gave up on myself and my living here, and my responsibilities to be taken care of.

In the next post, we’ll continue with Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments on the Imagination Dimension of the ‘I Don’t Want to Do This’ Character, in relation to working.
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