Day 148: I Don’t Want to Do This: Reaction Dimension (Part 1)

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Now we’re going to walk the Reaction Dimension of the I Don’t Want to Do This Character/Personality in relation to working/doing my job, to have a look at what kind of emotions and feelings activate within me, along with the Thought, Imagination and Backchat Dimensions, which will eventually result in a change to my physical condition/behaviour/body language, where what I’m participating in and experiencing within the mind actually gets lived out in the physical. For more context and further detailed perspective on the Reaction Dimension, read from Heaven’s Journey to Life: Character Dimensions – REACTION Dimension (Part 1): DAY 170

The Reaction Dimension is one more step in further substantiating/solidifying myself within the experience within this character, as through the Reaction Dimension one activate emotions and feelings as energy-experiences which are further backed/supported by/through the Imagination and Backchat Dimensions, where now essentially my physical body is ‘possessed’ by this energy-experience, and thus making it seem easier to give in to this experience of energy of the Mind, as it’s ‘here’, I’m experiencing, and depending on how much I have participated in this particular character and the extent to which I’ve allowed such energy-reactions within me, it can seem to be ‘very strong/intense’ and thus I’ll ‘give in’ to this experience.

However, as I continue to assist and support myself within standing as the decision to no longer accept and allow myself to participate in the I Don’t Want to Do This Character and all its Dimensions, the seeming ‘strength’/’intensity’ of these energy experiences will eventually diminish until they eventually disappear altogether, thus showing just how limited these energy-experiences are after all.

So, we’ll now walk through in writing the Reactions as emotions and feelings that come up within me within/toward each Dimension, starting with the Thought Dimension, and then going into the Imagination and Backchat Dimensions, and then eventually getting to the application of Self Forgiveness and Commitment Statements on the Reactions that came up for each Dimension. Within this, to go from self-unaware within being controlled by energy of the mind as feelings/emotions, to self awareness as seeing and understanding what takes place in my mind and that it is simply a process that is not actually me as who I am, and to within this, stop participation in/as the mind, and develop self-willed self direction to live here as myself, no longer becoming possessed by/within Characters/Personalities, so that I can effectively direct myself within my responsibilities and really fully live.

Thought Dimension: Emotion/Feeling Reactions:
So, where in the Thought Dimension, the thought that came up that I am going to ‘not enjoy working’, according to memories of past experiences of working and not enjoying myself. Toward this thought, the reaction I experienced was the negative emotion of ‘Dread’, wherein I went into an energetic experience of ‘dreading’ the hours to come while working, within having accepted the thought that I am going to ‘not enjoy myself’ while working.

Imagination Dimension: Emotion/Feeling Reactions:
Within the Imagination Dimension, where I go into the ‘positive’ imagination of what ‘I’d rather be doing’, as for example being at home not working, I experience a positive feeling of ‘Comfort’, as the images and scenarios play out in my mind of not having to work and getting to be at home, as I’ve associated ‘not working’ and ‘being at home’ with being ‘comfortable’, and this especially comes up in situations when I am working in ‘inclement’ weather, such as wind and rain and cold.

Backchat Dimension: Emotion/Feeling Reactions:
In the Backchat Dimension, when I am participating in the backchat of for example “Man I really don’t want to do this” / “I am not going to enjoy this” / “This is not going to go well”, I experience the Emotions of ‘Anxiety’, within the fear/expectation/projection of how I am going to experience myself ‘negatively’ as ‘not enjoying myself’.

Within toward the backchat of “I wish I could be doing something else” / “It’s going to be so long before I’m finished” / “I wish I could be doing something else” / “It’s going to be so long before I’m finished”” I experience the Emotion of ‘Depression’ wherein I go into an energy-experience of feeling depressed for having to work and not being able get out of it or do something else.

Toward the backchat “I would be so much more comfortable if I was at home right now” / “I’d be so relieved to be able to stop working now for the day” / “I really can’t wait to be done working” / “I’ll finally be able to enjoy myself once I’m done working” / “It’d be so nice to just sit down and relax”, I experience the Positive Feeling of ‘Relaxation’ within imagining myself no longer working and getting to relax.

In the following post, we’ll continue with the Self Forgiveness on the Emotions/Feelings that we’ve written out here within opening up the Reaction Dimension of the I Don’t Want to Do This Character/Personality.
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