Day 70: Corrective Statements on the ‘Fear of Failure’ Character

I commit myself to stop existing as the ‘Fear of Failure’ Character.

I commit myself to realizing that it is only a thought that triggers the character of ‘fear of failure’ that comes up so immediately I do not notice it, and thus I commit myself to when this character is activated, investigate myself and become aware of what thought triggered me to go into this character, to identify the thought so that I can recognize the thought and stop becoming and living as this character.

I commit myself to realizing that thoughts are not who I am, and that if I am controlled and directed by a thought, then I am not really here as myself, and thus I commit myself to not accepting myself as a thought, so that I can be here as myself as an actual being, and not just living as a thought that isn’t real.

I commit myself to realize that the thought of me failing does not actually exist, and that the only way I can ‘know’ that I am going to fail is if I am already creating it myself, as what hasn’t happened isn’t determined yet, and thus it is me accepting the thought of failure as real that makes it real, as I’ll then live according to and as that thought/belief.

I commit myself to realizing that I am in fact responsible for creating myself as failure when I believe/accept/live as the fear of failure, and thus it is my response ability to stop creating myself as failure by no longer accepting/participating in the character of ‘fear of failure’.

I commit myself to when and as I notice I am participating in backchat, to stop participating in the backchat as it is only reaffirming my acceptance of myself as failure, and is the literal process where I talk myself into manifesting myself as failure. 

I commit myself to when I see myself participate in the backchat of ‘what is the point if I’m just going to fail’, to realize that I am participating in a self belief of myself as failure as the fear of failure character which has been activated/triggered by a thought, and that the consequence of accepting and participating in this thought will be that I will manifest myself as failure, as if I give in to this backchat, the result will be that I will avoid doing that which I believe I am certainly going to fail, within this giving up possible opportunities to expand myself within applying myself in what I do, rather than sinply accepting myself as limited and ‘unable’, without actually walking a practical process to find out what I’m actually capable of.

I commit myself to when I see myself participate in the backchat ‘Man, I don’t want to go through that’, to stop, within the realization that I am busy convincing myself to accept myself as limited utilizing a picture of ‘what it is I’ll have to go through’ which is actually me projecting what is going to happen, which isn’t actually possible as it hasn’t happened yet,  and thus if I already know what is going to happen as how I am going to experience myself, it indicates that I am living as a repeating pattern of reactions as emotion/feeling experiences and thus am not really living here as life.  
I commit myself to when I see myself participate in the backchat ‘Why do I always fail’ to stop, within the realization that I am attempting to manipulate myself with my mind to believe that I ‘always fail’ in order to create an energetic experience within myself, wherein I become that energetic experience for the moment as it takes me over as a literal possession where it is all I see/think/feel/experience, distracting myself from being here and actually applying myself effectively within my world and reality.

I commit myself to become aware through the process of self investigation and getting to know myself, of how I accept and allow myself to be and live as a mind possessed zombie through actually believing in and accepting thoughts as valid and as who I am, so that I can stop living as a zombie to my own personal mind-control that I create for myself within accepting a thought as who I am when it is only a picture in my mind and not real.

I commit myself to no longer sabotage myself by accepting the thought of failure that trigger the character of ‘fear of failure’, to no longer accept my approach to myself and my life to be one of limitation wherein I create myself as failure through my participation in thoughts and backchat, so that I can change my approach to rather seeing how I can grow/develop/expand myself to be most effective and to walk in self trust and vulnerability to explore what I am actually capable of without sabotaging myself within thoughts as projections into the future that dictate who I am and will be, trapping myself in cycles of limitation and suppression, which is not way to live.

Thus, I commit myself to live a life that is real, where I am a real actual physical being here and not controlled and directed by thoughts in my mind that take me away from reality and living what is best for life, which is to be here as a participant that lives according to the principle of doing what is best for all life, in living the example of living a life without fear that I cause myself in my own mind which I allow to suppress and trap me within pictures and memories to not ever move and apply and expand myself here.  

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