Day 67: Self Commitment Statements on the ‘I Hate Work’ Character

Featured Artwork by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

I commit myself to realize that I am responsible for how work currently exists as being ‘forced’ within living as that relationship toward ‘work’, and thus I commit myself to realize that it can be another way, as I can change who I am and the relationships that I’m living as, and support all others to do the same, and within this transform how ‘work’ currently exists into real self expression.

I commit myself to transforming my relationship to/toward ‘work’ because I realize this is the key to transforming how work currently exists and that it is our collective acceptance of work as something we ‘don’t want to do’ and that we ‘must be forced to do’ that ensures that we’ll always exist as being forced to work.

I commit myself to move myself and not require motivation as an outside point that drives me before I will move, and within this I commit myself to investigate everything as an outside/separate point of ‘motivation’ that moves me, so that I can stop existing as patterns and see where/how I must yet take back my self direction to move myself.

I commit myself to deconstruct my programming according to what I’ve defined as what I ‘don’t want to do’ and thus also the polarity of what I ‘do want to do’, so that I am no longer directed by beliefs that keep me limited.

I commit myself to realize that the resistance toward working is actually serving consumerism, and thus I commit myself to stop being just a power source that powers the current system by buy buy buying, so I say bye bye to the character of ‘I hate work’, and change my starting point to rather expanding myself in each and every moment, rather than developing and reinforcing the habit of being lazy and accepting myself as more and more limited, so that I require to buy more and more in the attempt to make up for my limitations.

I commit myself to realizing that when I participate in the ‘I hate work/I don’t want to work’ character, that I am actually programming myself to be limited that will manifest as an actual physical limitation experienced within/as the physical where I’ll actually experience physical resistance to effort, and thus am manifesting actual physical difficulty in moving myself which is extremely limiting myself as a physical being within a physical reality, and thus commit myself to stopping this self abuse from participating in resistance to working/that which takes effort.

I commit myself to when I am realize that I am seeing work as ‘something I must do’, that the physical resistance/reaction I experience is not actually real, as I’ve programmed it into my physical and is activated by going into and accessing the character of ‘I don’t want to work’, and thus I breathe and bring myself back here and into my physical body and no longer allow myself to go into and access the character of ‘I don’t like working’, and through consistent application of walking the correction in every moment, deprogram the physical resistances I have programmed into myself.

I commit myself to educating myself and getting an understanding of how this reality operates so that I can make sure that who I am and the decisions I make and live as is in the context of reality as it currently exists and how to manifest reality into a world that is best for all, within this becoming the actual change and solution to the current manifestation of society that is in separation of what is here within only considering profit/money/survival.

I commit myself to stop the belief that who I am is ‘not wanting to work’ within the realization that it is a belief that I simply accepted and did not question and that is able to be deleted in a single moment and I am still here, and thus is not real/who I am.

I commit myself to transforming my relationship to work/labor/effort so that what I do becomes the actual expression of who I am as a physical being as a part of this whole reality, and thus I commit myself to investigating myself to see exactly how/where I live as this character of ‘I hate work’ within my daily life, to actually change myself and in the moment no longer live as this character, so that I can live as a Real Character here that is the physical.

I commit myself to realizing that I do not exist separate from this world/reality and thus it is in my best interest to ensure that this world/reality is properly cared for which is the same as properly caring for myself, and within this allowing myself to do what’s necessary to be done to care for life, which the character of ‘I hate work’ actually prevents me from doing, and thus this character obviously is not in my best interest.

I commit myself to become one and equal to the situation at hand as correcting what we’ve manifested here through correcting myself, to take responsibility instead of accepting myself as limited and as a victim to the system/to the way things are, within realizing that it is us as each individual that collectively create the way things are, and thus it’s myself as one of the individuals, as each and every individual,  that must change our accepted nature, to stop manifesting a world of enslavement.

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