Day 65: The "I Hate Work" Character

Growing up I began to learn from my parents about work and money, and how money is required to live, and you must go out into the world/society to try and find a job from somewhere. What was missing within this education about how the world works currently, so you’re immediately presented with the perception that work/jobs/labor is something you ‘have to do’ to be able to survive in this world. 

So there is no actual choice, you’re not supported from day 1 to develop your self expression as what you’d like to be/become in this world, but rather you must learn how to do something that someone else will pay you for, according to how we’ve allowed one’s labor to be given a value within the current system, where we’ve given different jobs different values according to how profitable they are, regardless of whether the job has value to life or not or is actually harmful to life.

We’ve developed a massive resistance toward ‘working’ as we’ve always had to do it/been forced into it, and it’s generally presented and seen as something you don’t want to do but have to. Most jobs available do not even pay enough to actually have a dignified life and get all the things that one needs. Why is that? So that you have to work a lot, and that labor can be taken advantage of.  It’s not this way for everyone however, some are born into positions with money and never have to work to survive and so for them they have the opportunity to have choice in what they do, and have support from the get-go in developing skills to do what they like. When I realized this, in school where in the textbooks they show a picture of a pyramid and the different levels of class in society, basically the very poor, those able to have relative comfort, and the very small amount at the top who are very wealthy, and it’s just presented as if this is the way it is, and it’s totally normal and acceptable. When I realized that I was toward the bottom of that pyramid and that there was very little likelihood that I would ever be anywhere near the top of the pyramid, especially because the top is so very small and it’s obvious that the rest of the pyramid can’t fit in there, I was incredibly disheartened in that moment, as I realized that my life would always be a struggle.

Within this, I formed a relationship toward ‘working’ as ‘something I have to do but don’t want to’ and this is how most of those within my world acted toward work as well, and I accepted this example as valid, and especially within jobs that were very low paying, which is most jobs, there was the predominant mindset of ‘I may as well work as little as possible since I’m getting paid as little as possible’. At first I went along with that idea, within the mindset of ‘I don’t want to work really hard if I’m getting such low pay, as then I will be expected to work hard for such low pay’, like I will be saying, yes ok I’m fine with getting such low pay that I can barely afford to live and I will work hard as well. But eventually I realized, that within this I was actually teaching myself and my physical body to be lazy, as the more I participated in this form of laziness, the more tired I would generally feel, and I could see I was developing an actual physical resistance to doing things, and that was really not cool, because I may not have liked doing the job I had to do, but I liked to do other things, but those things became more difficult to do, the more I developed the pattern of laziness. So I decided to focus and do my job effectively, regardless of how much or how little I was getting paid, as this way I would not be developing myself and programming myself to be limited and to have an actual physical resistance to doing things. This had the effect of making me a ‘valuable’ worker and thus gave me some job security, as employers ‘liked me’ because I actually did the job, as employers in the current profit-based system are always looking for the most ‘profitable’ workers. 

Since there are more people who require jobs to work than there are jobs, you are in a position where you must please the employer or you will simply be fired and another person can easily be hired, so you learn that you must be obedient and do as the employer asks, and accept the position of being one that obeys with no actual ability to direct anything within your job, it is already worked out exactly what you’re to do and so you just walk into the job and follow the prescribed orders. 

Within this, you never really have the opportunity to develop self responsibility  to move yourself in this world, as you simply get slotted-in to whatever position you can get, into a predefined role. Thus one develops a relationship to ‘work’ where you’ll only do it out of necessity, and seek to otherwise avoid it. 

Yet what is possible if we worked as an expression of who we are, within doing the work that’s necessary to be done to provide ourselves with that which is actually needed to live, and in the most effective way possible, instead of limited roles as simply slave labor to create products and services that aren’t needed but just created to make profit. The labor required to provide ourselves with our needs would require one to work significantly less than one must work now in the current capitalist system, where we’ve allowed ourselves to become slaves to want and desire as consumerism and now must work day in and day out creating products to fulfill desires. Thus, if we weren’t busy with that, we’d have much more time to develop skills and abilities that are actually relevant to and supportive of life, where one would really have the time to get to know the actual physical reality here and explore what is possible to be done when we’re actually moving ourselves to be real participants in this reality.

What this requires is that we must actually correct and change the relationship to work within ourselves, as we’ve actually become and are living the relationship of separation toward ‘work’ wherein the resistance toward ‘working’ exists within ourselves, and thus we have to stand up from within what we’ve manifested as this current system of slave labor, and to literally transform it as ourselves into expression here, within investigating/discovering/researching what is really relevant here, what is it that we actually need, how to actually effectively utilize and distribute the resources of the earth in such a way that all have what they need and that everything we create is of the best quality. 

This can’t/won’t just happen by itself, and it’s not considered just what it’s going to take to change this relationship within and as ourselves, for example by such groups as Zeitgeist and the Venus Project, who see that we could be living this way, but do not understand the practical steps that’s required in actually transforming ourselves and our relationship toward ‘work’ and developing real actual self expression. Wherein we have to investigate ourselves in our day to day living and see how we live toward and as ‘work’ so that we can see what/how we’re living work to exist as, within not taking responsibility to actually be one and equal to that which we do, instead just resigning ourselves to following a leader and avoiding responsibility at all cost, within the perception/belief that we want to do as little as possible, and not considering how we sabotage ourself within that. 

Therefore, I will walk self forgiveness and corrective statements within the following post to assist and support with realizing the relationship we’ve come to exist as toward ‘work’ in separation of ourselves as self expression, and redefining our relationship toward ‘work’ to transform it into actual self expression, where we actually move ourselves to be real participants in this physical reality and explore the possibilities of our potential.

Part of this process includes actually changing the system that exists into one that will/can actually support ourselves to walk this process which is why the Equal Money System is being created, as the system wherein we realize the potential we have to live as equals here and no loner enslave ourselves and each other to a monetary system. Get involved with the formation of the Equal Money System, as it is open to all to participate within the goal of supporting life to the fullest potential.

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