Day 56: What Does It Mean to Be Here? Are You Here?

We are all here, but we have never really been here. Because if we were really here, present in this reality in awareness of who we are, we'd actually have an understanding of how we're creating this world and reality, and how we create ourselves as personalities, and how everything that is here is you, carved from the same substance, thus separation is actually an illusion, and a very well-crafted one, as everything within your life as an individual has seemed to confirm the idea and belief that we are actually separate from each other, to the extent that the fact that we are not separate is actually seen as simply inconceivable, and it's not considered that we are actually the same life here, as we're the same substance that is cycling over and over again into the forms that manifest within and as this physical reality. And that we're all part of this one whole of existence, like the cells within a human body.

Even though we are here and there is no separation, we obviously aren’t acting as one but have accepted our nature and very being as one of separation, and thus have lived this separation into the physical, as allowing ourselves to go to war against each other, allowing each other to go without the most basic necessities as food and water, allowing ourselves to separate from one another within backchat and judgment toward/of one another. Where we do not even realize that we are only fighting ourself, fearing ourself, judging ourself, harming ourself, where we could easily have been the one in the position of suffering, and where we are accepting and allowing to be done unto others what we would not want done to us.

We have ‘forgotten’ that we all come from the same source, the same substance, created from the dust of the earth, and within this ‘forgetting’ that another is really ourselves in another form, we’re able to justify the harm and abuse taking place in the world, within the justification that it’s apparently not happening to ‘me’. Me as an individual apparently separate from the whole. 

This separation has resulted in us as humanity not really being here, as we have separated ourself from here in judgment/comparison in our mind, and as we’ve been within our mind busy with judgment/comparison, we’ve not actually been here, living as a fully aware part of existence, that is aware of oneself as all of existence, and that there is really no separation.

Since we have not been here, but have been within the mind within judgment and comparison, we have virtually no understanding of ourselves and how we create ourselves, and how we create this world as the reflection of who and what we’re living as. As we’ve created ourselves in unawareness, we’re not actually here, as real self-aware beings, and the consequence of this is the hell you see before you as all the abuse that’s taking place in this world, and the hell within, as the constant self abuse as the participation in thoughts, emotions, feelings that one experience inside oneself. As, if we’d understood just what it is we’re creating and how we’re creating it, we wouldn’t have created a world full of abuse and suffering. We wouldn’t have created ourselves as murderers, as rapists, as war, as starvation in a world of plenty, as wage-slaves working most of our life just to get by, as a money system where you must pay for your needs, as failed relationships, and where the physical reality as this world as nature and the animals, and as our own physical human bodies is being destroyed for profit.

And thus we must get an understanding of ourself and just how it is we create what is here as ourselves, through investigating ourselves in self honesty to actually see how we’ve created what is here by being busy participating in thoughts, instead of actually being here, present, aware in actual reality, so that we then can stop creating hell on earth, and create the kind of world that we would create as beings actually here, actually paying attention to this world and reality as it is ourselves, as it is not separate, and we have no idea what kind of a world that will be except that the we will no longer accept and allow abuse within ourself, as all of ourself, as all life here. 

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