Day 57: The 'I think therefore I am' Character

This quote is from a Wiki on the phrase ‘I think therefore I am’:

“I am able to think, therefore I exist. A philosophical proof of existence based on the fact that someone capable of any form of thought necessarily exists.”

What is not considered within this statement, is how one is defining ‘to exist’. Because there is the physical reality here in which we all exist as physical beings, yet thought does not exist in the physical reality, it exists in an alternate reality only inside one’s mind. Therefore, if you think, it proves you exist in thought, and to exist in thought means you are not existing here in the physical reality, as you’re busy in your mind as a thought, thus you’re not present aware here in the reality that is shared by all and that is actually experienced in and as the physical, and is thus the real reality as you did not make it up in your head but it was here without you thinking it, where you existing as thought in the mind are in an alternate reality that is a made up fantasy reality that has no substance, as it does not take place in substance, and therefore is unsubstantiated. 

Why would you choose to exist as just a thought? Imagine if that is all you are – a thought. What a limited existence you’d have. You would not even have any choice in who you are, as a thought is based on information as the past as memories, and thus the pattern of the thought is predetermined, and never actually goes anywhere – if you follow a thought you will see that it goes absolutely nowhere.

Proof that you do not exist because you think is in the fact that when you go to sleep at night, you stop thinking, and yet, the next morning, here you are. You are still here, even though you stopped having thoughts for a moment. You can test this for yourself, if you dare, when you are awake – just be here and breathe, stop your thoughts for a moment, and you’ll see, that you’re still here.

What’s not understood within the belief that who we are is our thoughts, is just what a thought really is, and what the effect/impact/consequence is of participating in thought. If you remember back to your childhood, when you were very young, in the beginning of your life here on earth, you did not start life having thoughts, you were simply here, exploring your world and reality and getting to know yourself as the physical in a physical world. Then eventually you started experiencing thoughts/feelings/emotions. Thus, thoughts do not prove you exist, because you did not always have them, and yet you still existed.  

Here is some practical self forgiveness statements, followed by commitment statements to assist oneself to realize that who self is is not thoughts, and that one in fact do not exist here in reality while one is in the mind as thoughts. Suggest to read aloud for the most effective result -

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that thoughts prove that I exist, and within this, not realizing that having thoughts only proves that I exist as a mind consciousness system and not actually here as life.

I commit myself to realize that if who I am is a thought, then I am not actually here as life, and thus I must stop thinking to actually be present here, as a real presence in this world that actually live and exist in this world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to stop thinking/to stop my thoughts, as I fear that if I stop my thoughts I will no longer exist.

I commit myself to realize that I can exist without thoughts and thinking, as is shown by the fact that I stop thinking/having thoughts while I sleep, and that I did not have thoughts when I came into this world, thus I obviously do not require thoughts in order to exist.

I forgive myself that I have taken for granted that I think and have thoughts, as I learned to accept having thoughts/thinking as who I am, and have forgotten the process that I went through in which I accepted my thoughts as me.

I commit myself to realize that I believe that my thoughts are who I am, because I accepted them as myself within the belief, and thus it is only a belief that who I am is my thoughts, and thus through a process of self forgiveness, I can delete the thoughts, and I will remain here, as myself as who I really am as a physical being, that is not mind-controlled.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that having thoughts is actually mind control as we program each other with thought patterns, which we then follow and live as through becoming and living the thoughts within our behaviour, words, and actions in the physical.

I commit myself to releasing myself from my own mind control, by walking a daily process of investigating myself to understand how I live as the mind, so to assist and support myself to stop, using the tools of self forgiveness, self writing, and corrective application, so that I can exist as real life here, and not as a mind consciousness system that exist only in thought.

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