Day 55: The 'Organic is Best' Character

Thus far I’ve walked through the vegan/vegetarian character, the ‘I’m too fat’ character, the ‘I want to be theperfect cook’ character, the ‘sugar is bad for you’ character, and the ‘processedfoods are bad for you’ character, all characters I’d formed in relation to food/diet/nutrition, based on ideas and information I’d come across. Now we’ll pull apart yet another character in relations to diet/food/nutrition – the ‘organic foods are best character’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that organic foods are best for humans to consume, within this not taking into consideration the big picture, like where the organic foods were coming from, what were the actual laws and standards around organic foods, and what is the impact the creation of an organic foods industry is going to have on the bigger picture, in terms of how arable land is going to be used, how the organics are going to be distributed, can you really have organic foods unless everyone goes organic as the world environment is an open system, how will those in poverty be able to get organic foods. Thus within this, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that my decision that organic foods was best for humans, was flawed, as I was not even considering the entirety of the situation.

I commit myself to investigating and considering the whole entire picture, so that the decisions I make will be that which supports all life, within full consideration of the impacts/effects/outflows, so that I can create in awareness and ensure that I do not manifest conditions that compromise any being through my ignorance.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that the belief that I felt better when eating organic foods was influenced by my belief and expectation that it would make me feel better, and that I was functioning just fine on 'non organic' foods.

I commit myself to not participating in beliefs and expectations of what 'something will do to me' as I then invalidate the results that I experience as if I am participating in my mind I can be certain that I am distorting the results.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I was only considering myself and my immediate reality and not considering myself as a part of the greater humanity, what the current state of humanity was/is, and thus not realizing that what I was living as ‘organic foods are best’ was not relevant in terms of the bigger picture, in that encouraging the elite populations of the world to eat organics, all I was doing was serving as an advertisement for the forming organics industry in promoting organics to those in a position to afford it and have access to it in stores, while there would otherwise be no impact on the earth and the entire rest of humanity, as the elite is only a small minority.

I commit myself to considering the entirety of the bigger picture, in realizing that I am actually part of and not separatefrom the ‘bigger picture’, and thus the entire picture must be considered to ensure that, that which I support and accept and allow as ways to live, is in support of all life and that I am not supporting that which would cause harm to any being, including myself.

Thus, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I was perceiving reality from within a bubble of self interest, wherein I was looking at ‘how can I benefit myself’, in disregard for what effect it might have on the world as a whole.

I commit myself to considering myself as one and equal with/as all that is here within existence, as all that is here is manifested from the very same substance as me, and thus everything here is myself, and is equal value to myself as life, and thus I commit myself to consider all life as me, within the realization that there is no ‘how can I benefit myself’ that matters unless it is ‘how can I benefit myself as all life as one and equal’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to simply trust when I heard/read somewhere that ‘organics is good for me’, instead of realizing that this message was coming from businesses within a consumerism and profit based system, where thus the motive is always profit first and foremost regardless of the harm caused to life, and thus I must take this starting point into consideration when evaluating the view point presented, as ‘organics are best’.

I commit myself to always consider the starting point of the information being presented so that i can see what it stands for and what the result/outcome of it will be if lived.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that I have virtually no clue how the food I eat, organic or otherwise, is actually produced, where it comes from and what all takes place within the process that the food is produced as a resource from the earth and then shaped and molded and transported to my local grocery store, if I live in an elite society as in places of poverty there is not even such a system in place.

I commit myself to educate myself to get an understanding of how what I consume is actually created, so that I can best see what kind of solutions are possible and what kind of actions is necessary to be taken to prevent and stop abuse in this world, and to ensure that the decisions I make won't lead to more unnecessary abuse.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that organic cannot even actually exist in a world where most agriculture is non organic and since crops are open to the environment, non organic crops will actually mix with organic crops, and the legal status of ‘organic’ actually allows for an accepted percentage of non-organic content, as it literally cannot be avoided, thus what I hadn’t realized is that the earth as the environment as an open system means that what we allow to happen here affects all of here, as nothing is separate, it’s all here in this one physical reality.

I commit myself to realize that as this world and environment is an open system, that everything we do affects everyone, like if you fart in a bubble, there is no escape from it and it will affect everyone in that bubble, it’s just that the earth is a reaaally big bubble, and so if you’re far enough away from the fart, you can think that nothing is happening, until the farts become so extensive that it finally reach you, and then you realize, something stinks! Yet, imagine if you were the ones in the ground zero of the farting.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to support ending the use of chemicals by saying we should ‘just stop using them’ and should legally not allow them, when I had not considered that it would not be possible at the moment to provide all the world’s population with organic foods, as the current methods of agriculture is what we’ve become within our accepted understanding and ways of practicing agriculture and that to actually switch to not using any chemicals would be literally impossible and still manage to feed the population, and thus to simply disallow the use of chemicals would lead to extensive suffering, as I am looking for instant gratification, and not considering the current state of all humanity and whether we as a whole are actually set up to make such a change on a global scale, as for any change to have a real lasting impact, it must be able to be implemented by all.

I commit myself to realizing that in order for real lasting change to take place, I must understand and consider the current state of my entire body of/as humanity, in order to see what is actually required to create worldwide change, and to ensure that what I am promoting as ‘good for you/me/humans’ would not actually lead to the abuse of many humans, or any life at all.

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