Day 7 - Resistance & the Key to Heaven

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to not realize that when I experience resistance that this is actually me accepting self limitation, and participating in the pre-programmed fear of fear for survival.

I commit myself to when there is the resistance to doing something/not wanting to do something that comes up right away, I stop, breathe, and realize that the resistance is me accepting limitation, that within participating in and accepting resistance that I am actually saying that I am not free to do it, and I haven't even given myself the chance to see if it's what I'd like to do, where 'what I'd like to do is defined as what is going to expand myself as life, one and equal. The reaction of instant resistance is based in a fear of 'but what if doing this compromises me in some way'. I have 'learned' this fear from growing up and existing within a system where you are not considered, and if you don't 'look out for yourself' and 'stand up for yourself', you will get taken advantage of. Within the current system where you are not supported, your very need to survive is taken advantage of and used to manipulate you into enslavement. This is how most people must work for the majority of their life in jobs that are not necessary or supportive or relevant to life or are even harmful to themselves, but is making someone a profit, and there is no choice but to accept the conditions as you are at the disadvantage, with your very survival on the line.
Within this, I have accepted and allowed myself to develop and live as the fear pattern of 'I must look out for myself', which now I must deconstruct, because within living this pattern, I am actually responsible for accepting and allowing a system in which we 'must look out for ourselves'.

Because what's necessary to change this reality from one where 'you must look out for yourself, because no one else will' - is that we must become beings that consider everyone as and within the whole, and leave no being out of consideration. Because the world is a reflection of who we are, thus the world exists as a 'look out for yourself only' world, because that is exactly what we're living in our lives, in our actions, in our words, in our day to day living, and accept within our current economic system, and so we are making it reality. Thus, if we change our starting point of 'looking out for ourself' to consider solutions for the whole, then we can actually eradicate and eliminate the fear of survival in it's entirety, by bringing worldwide solutions that end the 'survival game', so that the fear of survival doesn't even exist in reality. We are the creators of reality, and who and what we live is what we live into reality. So, I take self responsibility to change myself into the change I would like to see in the world, that will lead to manifesting a world that is best for all, where problems are able to be solved at the source, which is self, as who self is, as each and every individual here.

I commit myself to when I notice the immediate reaction of resistance, realize that I am accepting limitation for myself and my world and reality, and that is absolutely unacceptable, as why would I accept limitation and self-diminishment which lead to the consequence of not really being here, living here, experiencing the physical as myself in fullness, thus when I see the resistance I stop, and immediately release the resistance, realize that I am making an excuse as to why I can't do something/justifying limitation, and breathe myself here, stable and constant, stopping the fear that I am going to get fucked over and realign my starting point to what's best for all, realizing that within what's best for all, what's best for me is included, and thus there is nothing to fear, and nothing to worry about, as within the context of the situation simply calculate what works out and cause no unnecessary harm to anyone.

Thus, I commit myself to stand as vulnerability as/with myself and what's here, within the realization and understanding that there is nothing I need to defend or protect myself from, as I am part of the whole, equally considered, and within my fear, I am actually stating that I don't care who is abused as long as it's not me, because I am not looking at how to approach/handle the situation in such a way that no abuse happens, but am only concerned with preventing it happening to 'me'. Thus, the solution is always to look at and consider the bigger picture of ensuring that within what we do and the decisions we make, that no unnecessary harm is created. Looking out 'for myself' in separation of everyone else, will result in conflict, but looking out for all creates no conflict, and within the all I am equally considered.

This is how living as what is best for all life, manifests a world that is best for self as well, and how within living as self interest in separation from 'the rest', within separating ourself from everyone else, we're saying 'you must look out for yourself, as you cannot trust me, as I only consider myself.' And this is what manifests a world full of conflict, to the extent where we have such massive destructive and violent conflicts as the wars that take place constantly throughout the world, much of it happening in places and to people that are never heard about within the general media, and this is because war is extremely profitable within a profit-based system. And why do we have a profit based system? it is a direct reflection of who and what we're living as within accepting a reality wherein we must only consider ourselves, because we are not simply considering all equally, in ensuring that all have access to what is required. This is the very reason wars are justified and participated in - because for many, the job of being a soldier provides the best way to support themselves and their families. In a system where everyone is supported, individuals will not be driven to participate in wars as a point of survival.

I commit myself to becoming the solution to war, by deleting my pre-programmed nature of self-interest and fear for survival, and reconstructing myself and my nature as a being that lives according to the principle of what is best for all.

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