Day 95: The ‘My Way’ Character – Part 1

This character comes up when I perceive that another is ‘getting their way’ and a thought comes up of how I’d have liked things to go according to how I felt it would be best for me. So when I had an idea of how I wanted things to go, and it doesn’t go that way, I then go into fear that I will then not get the situation/result that’s ‘best for me’, as it doesn’t match the idea that I had in my mind of what would be best for me.

So then I’d go into a point of feeling like I must ‘fight’ for ‘my way’ because ‘my way’ and ‘what’s best for me’ aren’t being considered, and thus from here I will then attempt to manipulate to get ‘my way’ and to show and prove why it needs to be done my way and why my way is best for me. Because this is how I’ve learned to exist in this world, as I must look out for ‘myself’ as everyone else is looking out for just ‘themselves’, within this never considering/realizing/being shown the simple solution of considering what’s best for all equally.

Within this never considering have I checked to make sure that ‘my way’ would be best for everyone?

Would I really want to ‘get my way’ if ‘my way’ is going to cause harm? I mean what kind of a world would I be manifesting, if I get ‘my way’ and ‘my way’ is not considering others? Or if I’m fighting for ‘my way’ and disregarding/not considering everyone else? Obviously, that’s the world as it exists today, where we’ve as humanity been existing within only considering our own self interest, and not considering others, thus creating a situation in which we all must apparently ‘look out for ourselves’ because no one else will. And thus we learn to act in ways that seek to get ‘our way’ as what we think/have decided is best for ‘ourself’, yet not considering the bigger picture, not considering all the other beings that we exist here with, and making sure that everyone is effectively taken care of – as that would ensure that we are also effectively taken care of.

Thus we keep each other trapped within looking out for our ‘own way’, because we’re each only considering ourself, instead of realizing the simple solution of if we simply make sure that everyone is effectively cared for equally, then there will be nothing to fight for, no ‘my way’ that must be looked out for, because ‘the way’ that exist will be the way that is best for everyone – where none are disregarded and all are included, including you.

The way this will come about is by each and every individual that make up humanity, to transform oneself in one’s day to day living, to stop living as the consideration of/for self interest only, and instead live in consideration of all equally. This is done by rooting out for oneself all ways where one is living as the ‘my way’ character, and to stop, and assist and support self to realize what self is participating in within the ‘My Way’ character, is what keeps us in a world that doesn’t consider and care for each and every individual and thus why we have to ‘look out for ourselves’. Thus, when you become the solution and stop participating in ‘my way’ and instead focus on creating ‘the way’ that is best for all, the ‘my way’ character will not even have a reason to exist.

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