Day 107: Blame Character – Commitment Statements

I commit myself to assist and support me to, when and as I see myself waiting to stop blame within the belief that I don’t have a choice to stop blaming, to stop participation in the belief, as I realize that I do have a choice as I am the one that has made the choice to participate in blame in the first place, and thus the only thing I am waiting for is myself, to stop participation in blame for any reason/justification/excuse.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself believing that I cannot stop blaming another/that I must blame them/that it makes sense to blame them because of the circumstances, stop and breathe, and remind myself that I am using the circumstances as the excuse/justification/reason to participate in and go into a reaction of blame and that I am actually the one deciding to go into a reaction of blame as it’s the pattern of behavior I’ve established within myself in response to certain circumstances/situations, and so I walk myself out of that pattern of behavior by becoming the directive principle in each and every moment in no longer justifying blame as being caused by something outside/separate from myself, taking self responsibility and stopping the pattern.

I commit myself to walking through this character of blame and all its dimensions to assist and support myself to stop participation in and existing as this character, to no longer allow myself to go into a reaction of blame towards another, and forming a relationship toward them in separation, so I can rather stand as stability equal and one with the physical here, and open up the opportunity to understand what was actually going on in the circumstances and understand the other being, and not be directed and controlled by a reaction which only leads to consequence that is of no benefit.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself accepting blame as a ‘normal’ experience/reaction to be in/as, stop and breathe, remind myself that any reaction that comes up within me is not self directed, and thus to be investigated and not participated in as it is a pattern in separation of myself that I have not created in awareness.

I commit myself to showing and exposing the consequences of blame and how it is a massive part of the problem that keeps us from investigating ourselves and correcting our own individual natures because we’re instead busy pointing a finger at another.
I commit myself to assist and support myself to when and as I see myself going into the fear that another is doing something deliberately to harm/spite/take advantage of me, stop and breathe, as I realize that it is only a fear and that that fear is not real and that I do not in fact actually know what was actually going on or why another acted in the way they did, and so open up the opportunity to actually find out what went on in reality, instead of going into a reaction of taking it personally and within doing so, separating myself completely from reality.

I commit myself to when and as I see a thought come up in my mind as how things ‘would have gone’ if that person hadn’t done what they did or had acted in some other way, stop, breathe, and do not allow myself to believe in the picture that I see in my mind, as I realize it’s simply a picture in my mind, that would be the trigger to activate the character of blame to take-over, and take me into the possession of living/existing as the character of blame.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself about to play/playing out scenes in my imagination, to stop, breathe, bring myself to back here and stabilize myself in reality, and not go into my mind as my imagination into imagining scenarios where I see the other person as spiting me deliberately, as I realize that this imaging only fuels the fire for mind to get energy from my participation in/as the blame character.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself participating/going into internal conversations/backchat within myself, to stop and breathe, and not participate in the backchat, as I realize that the purpose of going into the backchat is only to further talk myself into participation in/as the blame character, so that the mind can feed off the energy that I generate while participating in/as this character, and thus I stop so I can become the directive principle and no linger give away my self direction and responsibility to the mind to control and direct who I am and how I behave, so that I can stand stable and constant as who I am no matter what situation/circumstance may come up, and to stop creating consequence and rather walk the correction, to be able to stand and direct situations into solutions that are best for all.

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