Day 104: Many Characters of Waiting

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So I’m going to start writing out, one by one, all the different characters I can find in which I become/live as a character of Waiting, where I’m giving in to some reason/justification/excuse as to why I apparently can’t stop living as a certain pattern instead of realizing that I am the one that can change me, nothing else in fact can, and thus I am only ever waiting for myself to change. 

The key to this is realizing and remembering that any reaction of separation one has toward something/someone else is never valid. For example blaming another, being jealous of another, judging another, being angry at another, being disappointed with another, and there’s many more possible reactions that come up in us toward others.

And this applies to anyone or anything in one’s reality – could be a person, a place, a particular scenario, a scent, a memory, a picture, a particular sound, tonality of someone’s voice, a certain hairstyle, etc, that one has a reaction to. Basically anything that is here, it’s possible to have a reaction toward. 

Now, notice, the physical does not react in separation toward itself. Your house is not busy reacting toward the color of your car, for example. Seems ridiculous in that context, doesn’t it? Yet that’s what we do without even realizing it most of the time, we’ve so taken it for granted and accepted it as just a part of who we are. Because we learned these patterns for the most part in our very early childhood, and have since ‘forgotten’ that we actually learned these behaviors, we weren’t born this way, reacting to things, we were just here. Being here as a physical being interacting with the physical world, which is essentially just an extension of oneself, as we all come from the same substance, we’re made of the same particles, and it’s quite silly indeed for one group of particles to judge another, and it’s outrightly insane that they’d go to war with each other, and all the other atrocities that we are committing toward those who are just other versions of ourselves. 

So the point is to ‘get back to’ that point of ‘innocence’ before I became programmed with all sorts of reactions to my world/environment/reality, so that I can actually live here and experience and participate in real physical reality, and not spend the time I have here, wasting it away in reactions to things. Cause that’s not really living. And there are serious consequences for living as reactions and separation toward what is here, which you can see as all the atrocities that’s taking place, in all the harm the we’re doing to one another, and to our very own selves. So not only do you waste your life away, in chemical reactions which wreak havoc on your physical human body, but so we wreak havoc on the entire physical reality, as a direct result of the judgments and reactions we’re participating in towards our world/reality/environment/other beings. 

So I’ll be walking through and deconstructing all the patterns of Waiting as the multiple Characters and their dimensions that I find I have existed as, in which I have accepted myself as the patterns I’ve become as 'who I am' and thus can only Wait for Change to happen to me, within this getting into the nitty-gritty of each character and deconstructing the various dimensions of each character, so I can release these patterns through self forgiveness and corrective application, and walk here as a real being in oneness and equality, that lives in a way that is best for all life.
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