Day 99: The My Way Character – Self Commitment Statements

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I commit myself to transforming myself from a being that lives within an idea of My Way, where I want what I have decided is best for me, in total disregard of the bigger picture as all life here, to a being that considers all life here equally, as that is what will manifest the best world possible for myself and all included, as when we all live in consideration of everyone equally, then we will not allow abuse to exist in any form.

I commit myself to take responsibility for how this world exists, where the reality we’ve created is competition against one another, within the realization that the cause of this is us collectively living from/within a starting point of self interest and not considering all life, but only ourselves within a limited bubble in our minds in separation of the whole.

I commit myself to stop believing in the alternate reality in my mind as the pictures that come up within my mind, within the realization that a picture is my mind is not reality, it’s only a picture in my mind, and when I believe in that picture and participate in that picture as if it were real and who I am, that I separate myself from reality, as I’ve now accepted a picture in my mind as reality, and thus will act accordingly to the picture while disregarding actual reality.

I commit myself to showing the duplicity of the My Way character, where self is wanting/expecting/desiring others to consider what self wants when self hasn’t considered everyone else and is only considering what self wants, so perpetuating the cycle of everyone only considering themselves as an individual according to one’s wants/desires, without actually checking/verifying that one’s wants/desires are taking everyone into consideration and not compromising anyone else.

I commit myself to stop spitefulness within myself, by investigating myself to uncover all ways in which I act as and become the My Way character, where I am only considering myself within an idea of what is best for me that is separate from considering or regarding everyone else, as all the beings in this reality, because I am not separate from them, we all live in the same reality here, and so to disregard anyone/anything is to disregard a part of myself. 

I commit myself to living the solution of considering all life equally, to show that it is only a matter of changing oneself from a perspective of self interest in separation of the whole, to a starting point of considering all life equally, that will transform this world from one of competition and struggle, to heaven on earth where no matter where you are, you have the same support to have the best life possible, as the logical step would be to create a system through which we ensure that everyone is effectively supported.
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