Day 100: The Key to Self Transformation is Walking The Decision

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It’s Day 100 in my 7 Year Journey to Life, so in this blog I’m going to talk about The Decision that I am walking, every day, for the next seven years, or more, as long as it takes, to walk myself out of being a being that is based on self interest, and into a being that stands for what is best for All Life. The reason I do this is simple, because I have realized the world is the reflection of who we are, as each and every individual, collectively, where I am one of those individuals that makes up the whole, and thus I am responsible for how I live and what I create in this world through my words & deeds. That when I look at my life, I can see how I’ve lived a life of self interest, where all I thought/cared about was myself and those close to me, and disregarded all else, while focusing on my own personal enjoyment, within the justifications that I can’t possibly have any effect/impact on the world, so I may as well try to enjoy myself as much as I can.

What I didn’t realize, was that I was actually sabotaging myself completely, by accepting a limited existence of working my whole life so I can pay to live and spend whatever’s left on whatever entertainment that is made available to me through the system of consumerism that I could afford. I hadn’t realized that within disregarding the world and accepting it the way it is, was the reflection of and the result of disregarding myself and accepting myself the way I was. And so, also how we as humanity as a whole have created the world the way it is, by accepting the same patterns of limitation and disregard toward ourselves, which becomes our relationship to the world at large as well.

The reason I sought out entertainment was to distract myself from my disappointment with the world and my life, which I felt I couldn’t change, but I never considered that I was the actual cause of my disappointment, because I was accepting the world and my life the way it was, and not attempting to do anything about it, not taking one single action toward any kind of solution. I didn’t realize that my disappointment was simply because of the patterns and behaviors I’d come to exist as, which weren’t supportive to me and the world as a whole. I didn’t understand how it was that I had even become the way I was, because it happened so gradually, over years of time

I didn’t realize that it was all just a matter of one simple Decision that I had made, and then lived. I had made the decision within myself to accept myself and my reality the way it was, and then I walked and lived that decision in every moment until it became who I was, because I’d lived that decision consistently until it became habit. Thus I didn’t realize the simple solution. I didn’t realize that all it would take is to take the Decision that I made to accept things and myself as the way they are, and reverse it into the Decision to change, and then simply walk that decision, in every moment, until I become it in living reality.

The point of how simply making the decision and then walking it, is really all it takes, because it doesn’t matter the patterns that come up as you walk, that had become programmed into you throughout your life, because it’s who you are within it that will determine whether you change or not. The patterns are already here within you within your very being, as it’s what/how you lived for your whole life, and so they are not going to go away in a flash, you have to consistently, breath by breath, walk the decision and stand as the realization that such patterns are not who you are, and walk in the self trust that you will no longer accept yourself as these patterns, and thus no matter what comes up, you will keep walking, and every breath in which you make the decision to keep walking, is another step you take toward self freedom, self change, self transformation, as change that is real and lasting will only come through consistent application over time, as that is exactly how you programmed the behaviors and patterns that you’ve been living as, into your being in the first place, by consistent application and living of certain behaviors and patterns, thus it will take no less to correct those patterns that one live as into principles that are best for all and best for self.

And thus, that is what I am doing here within my 7 Year Journey to Life – 7 Years, because that is approximately the time span in which we as children become programmed with most of the behaviors and patterns that we will live out through our entire adult life, like a broken record, unless we actually move ourself to stop the record, stop living as our past repeating over and over, and move ourself to change, by simply making the decision to, and living it. If you are tired of the world the way it is, and of living a life of limitation, repeating the same patterns over and over, without having any real impact in this world, I invite you to join myself and the hundreds of others who are also walking their Journeys to Life, to start your own process of Self Transformation, so that we as humanity can discover what we’re truly capable of, as individuals, and together as a Whole.

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