Day 221: Alcohol: Where Does Your Responsibility Go When You're Drunk?

Here's a google hangout with a ton of support and assistance for anyone who is addicted to alcohol: What They Didn't Tell You about Alcohol Addiction.
I definitely suggest to check it out. It covers a lot of important points related to alcohol consumption/addiction that you don't want to miss.

When we drink, a big reason for that is to drink away our responsibilities, to not have a care in the world, to be 'free' for a moment from whatever is bothering us about our lives that we don't know how to fix or deal with.

One thing I never questioned, was when I was drinking away my responsibility, where did it go? Did it just vanish into nowhere for a moment, without any consequence, like I would have liked to believe? Or was it simply that all I was doing was not actually escaping from my responsibilities, but was just putting blinders on so that I couldn't see it for a moment?

Working jobs in the service industry has also helped me to see and realize this point, where you have to occasionally interact with inebriated individuals, who can't really effectively interact or communicate, and it's like you have to baby-sit, in a way, and take responsibility for them, because they can't.

And so, that's how I started to realize where one's responsibility actually goes, some of it goes directly onto those around you who you interact with. And some of it also goes indirectly to others, through the consequences one creates, while not really being here and being responsible. One extreme case of this would obviously be those who are harmed or killed in car accidents due to someone driving drunk. I mean, that's a pretty obvious case where you can see and consider the effects that would have on all involved, not just those directly injured, but their families and friends and so on.

Another example is where we have big festivals or concerts where there is lots of drinking and probably also consumption of various other substances, and the aftermath is often a sea of garbage left behind for others to clean up.

And all the laboring of doctors and nurses who care for all the various injuries that come about as a result of alcohol consumption, such as the cars accidents, brawls, domestic violence, etc. Where all of that labor could obviously go to treating other things that aren't the result of the deliberate choice to forgo one's responsibility and basic motor skills functioning.

Within all this, it is never the alcohol that is to blame, it's just the tool we use to act out the decision to avoid our responsibility for a moment and disregard the consequences that we'll create, that not only affects others but ourselves as well, as it never leads to solutions for anything we're facing in our life, that we are trying to escape from. There are much less consequential ways to approach our living, to make it so our lives are something we wold not want to 'get away' from by intoxicating ourself.

I found it such a relief eventually to no longer feel like I needed or wanted alcohol to do something for me, where I found and established a self-stability where I don't 'require' a substance to for example 'relax' or change my experience in some way, because I'm fine being here as myself and facing reality head on, where inebriation would actually be quite a hindrance and waste of my time here, of which you only get so much.

So I'd suggest to make the time you have here count. And, to realize that in this you're not alone, there is support to walk through this every step of the way, which you can find here unconditionally at the Desteni forum, for not just stopping alcohol addiction, but any addiction, when you are ready to take yourself back and live for you. It's up to You.

I also suggest to take the Free DIP Lite course to learn essential life skills, that provide a solid foundation for facing life's problems in a practical and self-supportive way.

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