Day 206: Noam Chomsky and U.S. Exceptionalism

Chomsky: US drone campaign is world's biggest terrorist action (EXCLUSIVE)

In watching this recent interview with Noam Chomsky, he speaks about ‘exceptionalism’ and how every great power at some point claims exception for their deeds, for deeds which would not be acceptable or legal on a universal scale. Chomsky mentions a case involving the apprehension of an individual in Libya, and where the Secretary of State was asked in a press conference whether this was legal, and he stated that it’s legal; it’s in accord with American law. Chomsky points out that this obviously doesn’t mean that it is in accordance with international law. For example, obviously other countries are not going to have laws that state that the U.S. can come into another country and just take who they like.

How is it that we’ve come to accept this kind of duplicity or ‘double standard’ to take place at a governmental level? It’s because we have accepted it within ourselves; we live this at an individual level. We do this very same thing within our individual daily lives, where we justify our actions regardless of the fact that our actions weren’t in the actual consideration of what is best for everyone, and whether our actions are what would be acceptable if they were, for example, done to ourselves.

Basically, we’ve missed the boat on living according to the principle of Jesus’ message, which is to ‘do unto another as you’d have done unto you’. We have instead come up with all sorts of exceptions, excuses, justifications, reasons, as to why we apparently had to take some action the likes of which we would never want done to ourselves. And through this, we create enemies of each other, just like we do at the national scale as countries, as Chomsky points out as well, that our ‘justified’ drone strikes are busy creating lots of enemies. 

No wonder the drone strike movement is taking place – it’s Great for business. Because it ensures a fresh and constant stream of enemies that we’ll always have to spend lots of money on defense systems to apparently protect ourselves from, despite the fact that most of the apparent ‘threats’ out there, really don’t pose any threat in comparison to the ‘might’ of the U.S., which is actually the current predominant ‘threat’ in the world, causing all sorts of terror, in the very name of a ‘war on terror’.

What it always comes down to is money, and the control of money, and therefore we are going to hear whatever excuse is necessary to justify continuing war and invasion and destruction of societies, to keep that business booming. But we as individuals have got to sort ourselves out, so that we can begin to recognize when we are hearing justifications, which means sorting out when we ourselves are using justifications to excuse our own behaviors. 

What it comes down to is a practical re-education for ourselves, because we really have never lived in any other way other than only considering ourself and what is apparently best for ourself, and it’s always been a me vs. everyone else out there kind of situation. I mean, you can really see this within relationships such as friendships where despite the premise being that you’re in a relationship where you’re nice and friendly and look out for each other, there is often really a lot of nastiness that goes on behind others backs, usually within the idea that one is just ‘looking out for oneself’. You also see this in a lot of relationships between family members as well, where things can get really vindictive. There are some popular TV series out there that really exemplify our dysfunction in relationships.

The re-education point is where we realize that there is another way to exist, than me against everyone else. That if we don’t sort ourselves out, our relationships are only going to get more consequential, on the personal and global scale, which is already quite escalated. So, it’s not to judge and say how horrible or evil we are because we are nasty to each other, but rather to understand that when we’re only considering ourselves as if we’re the only ones that really exist, and applying a double standard, where we can excuse our actions, and yet expect another to not do the same, that this is consequential and is the very reason that we have ourselves entrenched still in wars and the extreme harm of each other and our environment. And, thus, that only considering ourselves is actually not ending up resulting in an outcome that is best for ourself after all, but is leading to a world of consequence where children are not safe to play in the streets, where you cannot trust one another, where we must have locks on our doors and our possessions, where you don’t want to be out late at night on city streets. I mean, why would we accept a world where it is not safe everywhere, in every single nook and cranny? 

On that note, we’ll go up to here for this blog post, and continue in the next.

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