Day 198: Are Poor People Stupid? - What's Really Going on There?

So as I was listening to a really excellent interview series from Eqafe called The Soul of Money, particularly interview part 31, and a really important point was brought up and explained in exquisite detail, which is the point that you really cannot judge those individuals in society who would be perceived as 'incompetent' or 'less competent' than the elite of the society. If you are one of those who believe that or think of such individuals as less than yourself, you are going to want to hear this interview, as it will show in great detail how it is that it happens that some individuals manifest this way, and that it is an outflow/result of multidimensional factors, and not in fact reflective of the particular individual's 'worth' or 'value' as a human being/member of society.

So what this in essence shows, is that those who have gone into judgment toward such individuals and making it personal, those who would judge the individuals who haven't had the same environmental influences/background/resources for turning out the way they do, is actually quite ignorant and an indication of a form of incompetence in itself, because it shows that you were/are not in fact aware of all the factors/variables determining the situation and the specific result/manifestation.

In other words, it's like judging a tree that has not grown into it's fullest possible expression as a tree, when throughout it's life and development it has lacked the necessary components with which to grow and develop to it's fullest potential. And yet, all the while, the tree always had the potential and capability to become a proper thriving tree.

So where individuals have not had the same access to resources, connections, money with which to support their living and basic physical needs properly, or access to proper education, will thus have smaller vocabularies, and there is even a study that shows that 1 in 4 children is stunted due to lack of proper nutrition. 

So those that would look particularly at the impoverished people of the so-called 'developing' or 'third-world' countries and would think of them as 'less-than' or 'inferior' is really erroneous from the perspective that they have the possibility just like anyone else to flourish and grow and develop, but have been robbed of that by being forced into the condition of poverty. And thus, it is actually quite evil in fact, not to mention quite stupid, to then judge these beings as less than, when not only did they possess the same potential as anyone else, but had that potential taken from them/denied them, while those that were supported by the system would then ignore all that they had received and had available in their lives that made them what they are today, such as sufficient money to afford proper ad timely health care, proper nutrition, and as the Soul of Money part 31 interview and also in several interviews leading up to this one, describes how this difference even extends to the dimension of our architecture/infrastructure that we have available which affects us on a deeper relationship level than what you may have realized.

Therefore if you consider yourself to have an accurate assessment of the world situation and how/why poverty exist, I would suggest to listen to this interview series in it's entirety if you are able to make the investment into your own self education, as it will increase your understanding multi-dimensionally so that you will have the full scope of what is really going on, how the economic/world system functions multi-dimensionally and the multi-dimensional consequences/outflows of it's current manifestation, how the world is manifested the way it is, why/how individuals can turn out so differently in terms of their development, thus to ensure that you've got the full picture, otherwise your interaction and relationship with the system will be consequential if you are coming from a limited perspective/understanding.

And obviously thus to consider that the fact that all indeed have the potential to become a fully functional human being, to support the implementation of a system which would support all individuals to reach their potential which would be done by the Basic Income Guaranteed proposal which you can learn more about/get involved here, and read the Basic Income Guaranteed blogs which you'll find here.

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