Day 193: Humanity is Paranoid

Humanity is Paranoid - and the Ways are practically Countless - So we’re going to take a look at PARANOIA and how we, Humanity exist as Paranoia. Now firstly, to get further context on what it is we’re meaning in terms of paranoia, read both the Creation’s Journey to Life posts on the topic, and the Heaven’s Journey to Life posts which are dealing with the subject in further detail. You can find all those here:
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So be sure to first do that self education with reading those blogs to ensure you’ve got the proper context, and because it is really fascinating stuff. Though, to provide a basic context here Paranoia is being defined in essence as that which is paranormal, and that which takes one away from and out of touch with the physical reality. It is the ‘para-noise’ that takes place in our minds that keeps us busy in our minds instead of here in actual reality, where our perception of reality is distorted or even in some cases blocked out entirely because of our distraction with the paranoid activity in our mind, where we’re participating in a whole universe of dimensions, from imagination to thoughts, feelings/emotions and reactions, none of which is here, is actually a part of or existent within actual reality, which is the physical reality. For more context on that, suggest to walk the Free Course DIP Lite, which walks you through just what are thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions and how to direct yourself within them through self honesty and self-introspection.

So, where does this paranoia come from? Most of it we learn within our first 7 years of life, from our primary influence which is most often our parents, where we essentially pick up all their paranoias as learned behaviors that we then live out in our lives and throughout our lives, and then as adults, pass on our paranoias to the next generation, and the next..

These paranoias have been and continue to be instilled into society through various sources and forms of media which we accept as real, as reality. Watch the documentary Century of the Self to see how this was done, and how much of our behaviors and tendencies were predesigned, which should make you then really question where it is the thoughts in your mind have actually come from..and whether you really want to be listening to Thoughts that you don’t even know how they got there. The fact that humans will listen to this Para-Noise in their mind shows the human is in fact Paranoid.

You only have to look at the world at the state it is in, to see how paranoia is behind almost everything we do, the decisions we make and what we allow to take place in this world and be done to human beings and our environment – the harm we are causing to ourselves and nature and the animals is due to paranoia, and that we accept and allow it to take place also due to paranoia. Due to focusing on and listening to the ParaNoise in our mind to the extent that we are ignoring what is busy going on in reality as the direct consequence of our living – all the suffering and abuse that we’re busy allowing because we’re too busy caught up in the Para-Normal activity going on in our mind, caught up in an Illusionary reality in our mind  and neglecting the actual reality here in the physical.

So, it’s important, vital that we assist and support ourselves to become aware what are the paranoias we participate in, where this paranoia has come from and how it functions, so that we can stop existing as this paranoia. As the consequence if we do not, is not where we would like to go and experience, which is the consequence that many human beings are suffering already, as the result of our collective paranoia, which leads us to inaction to change the situation. So we know, we can already see before us, the consequence that ‘awaits’ (because it's actually already happening to many) if we continue within and as the Paranoia in our minds – if we do not Silence the Para-Noise in the mind through taking back self direction of our own mind and our lives and living – to stop living Paranoid, and live in a way that is best for life, where we are not distracted by our Imagination but focus on the Real reality here and sorting it out, stopping the rampant abuse, so we can live for real and really have some fun. For this investigate Equal Money as the economic system aligned to support humanity and all life, and read the Economist’s Journey to Life blog and Marlen Life’s blog which are walking through the redefining of Human Rights – which is necessary to get sorted out, to ensure that everyone can have a dignified life and that abuse on earth can be stopped. 

In posts to come, we’ll be investigating some of the Paranoias that humanity exist as and getting into the detail of the ParaNoise that takes place in the mind that leads to our Paranormal behaviour in reality, so we can sort this out, and free ourselves from the Paranoia that we have kept ourselves enslaved in and thus never changing, never sorting out ourselves and reality.

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