Day 190: What is Real Change?

Let's have a look at CHANGE – what is it, how does it work, what does it mean to really change, because – humanity sure likes to have ideals. Ideas and ideals and perceptions and conceptions of how things should be, but when it comes to our Actual Living – what happens? Do we apply that which we see is Ideal? Or does it remain a picture in our mind, of how things ought to be?

Can we have principles, but not live them? Can we claim to have principles, morals, standards, yet not actually live those standards, principles, morals? Do we pay Lip Service and talk about how things should be, could be, ought to be – and ‘forget’ to get down to the actual Living of it?

Isn’t it – we must Live the Change we want to See in the World? Wouldn’t that imply that we then, have to Change? Which would mean, that we would end up different than we are/have been, our living will be different, our experience will be different. So what do you know, if nothing is different – you are not Changing. And what do you know if you are not Changing? The World is Not going to Change. Why?

Because the World is made up of each and every one of us Individuals – that’s right – we don’t tend to give ourselves the real credit we’re due. It’s so easy to avoid our individual responsibility, because there are so many of us, we can just blame it on the group as a whole, and ignore our own Role as the Part we play, as a Participant in the Play of Life. And as each one go on Ignoring oneself, no one is thus Changing oneself, and thus, No One Change. The Accepted Nature of humanity Remain the Same, as it has always been.

So, the problem is that we can talk change and talk ideals, but what really matters is Changing our Living, and we have missed this point. How can you know? Because nothing in the world has changed, and the world is the reflection of ourselves and how we live, the values we accept and live by. Nothing in this world will change, until we change. Changing our very approach to how we live our lives, in each and every moment, with how we interact with our environment, other people, animals, the physical things in our world.

Most of this stuff we are hardly even aware of most of the time – because - a fascinating thing - the human is generally fixated on only itself, and only sees everything else in relation to itself. This is the CON of Consciousness, where you are in a private bubble that no one else enters, where you seem to be separate from everyone/everything else.

Yet missing the obvious – you Are Here. You are not separate and everything you do and are has an Impact on this Reality. And by believing that we exist within only our own personal experience, we cut ourself off from the rest of existence, to then only exist within the most limited way possible, in a made up realm within our mind, while all of the rest of existence is going on right around us and we’re excluding ourself from it. We settled for an Image-inary world in our mind instead of the Real world which is far more advanced and vast and is actually Physically Real.

So, the solution to this is to no longer I-so-late oneself, before it’s too late and you reach the end of the line, and to actually get to know and become a real participant in actual reality, in awareness. And awareness is not something that just happen, but will take a process of self application, to actually expand oneself to become More.

We’ll take a look at this in blogs to come, in just how do one become Aware? And what is the Benefits one stand to Gain by doing so, and the Problems that stem from our lack of Awareness that can be prevented, so we don’t have to experience our own CON-Sequence play-out in Space and Time.
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